Can You Reverse Skin Aging?

Can you actually reverse skin aging and if so, what is the best aging skin treatment? First, skin aging is caused by gravity, chemicals in our environment such as pollution, dust and, allergens. But don’t give up hope yet. Avoiding these environments and using a good aging skin treatment can slow the process down and drastically minimize it.

We now know it is possible to reverse skin aging but how do we go about it? First, eat a healthy diet full of vitamins such as A, D and E and, drink plenty of water. Your skin needs the antioxidants included in the vitamins and the water to keep it hydrated.

There are various reasons why our skin ages including hormone levels, body weight fluctuation, protein breakdowns, dehydration and, oxidation. How can we use these examples to reverse skin aging and find a good aging skin treatment? Stay away from anything that is chemical related or doesn’t contain natural ingredients. Read the labels and stay away from anything that contains the word “paraben,” unless it says it is paraben-free.

Next, let’s think of about how we can reverse skin aging from the inside out. Aging skin treatments can include a process of being kind to everything inside your body to produce a healthy radiant outside body. An effective aging skin treatment will usually begin with your lifestyle.

Analyze your lifestyle. Is it a healthy one with a diet of all the stuff your Mother always told you to eat? If not, change that first. You pretty much know what is healthy food and what is not, so eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and stay way from sugars and foods that contain preservatives.

Another way to reverse skin aging from the inside out is to find skin creams and lotions that work to rebuild proteins within the skin. A major cause of wrinkles in the skin is the loss of collagen. Some manufacturers will include collagen as an ingredient in their products leading you to believe that this will help replace the collagen in your skin. However, this will not work because collagen cannot be absorbed into your skin.

Instead you must supply the proteins that your skin needs in order to produce collagen. Believe it or not, a great source of these proteins is the wool of sheep. An ingredient called Cynergy TK is derived from sheep wool and used in skin creams because it is easily absorbed and provide the very proteins your skin need most.

Think about how if your inside is re-energized it will reflect on your aging skin. To reverse the aging skin, you will need to look at your body as a whole. Due to environmental and heredity factors we can’t control, your body is void of so many ingredients that need to be replenished on a continual basis.

Another ingredient for your aging skin treatment is antioxidants. The oxidation of cells within our skin damages and ages our skin and antioxidants will revitalize the skin and reverse skin aging You are eating natural antioxidants with your new diet, so how about putting some directly on your skin?

Search for creams and serums that contain seaweed, kelp and other marine collagens such as Idebenone and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 as well as Omega 3’s. Take care when seeking an aging skin treatment to reverse aging skin and make sure they are full of at least 50% of these ingredients. Any less is not worth your money.

To reverse skin aging begin by eating healthy and thinking about what you’re putting in and on your body. Look for skin care products that use all natural, safe ingredients. Doing so will prove to be an aging skin treatment that will give you the results you are looking for. You can learn more about dealing with aging skin on my website.

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